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Our online survey capabilities combine our quantitative research experience with the latest in online technology. Our in-house web programmers have the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in an online survey, and we use this knowledge to construct and test web-based questionnaires to meet your specifications.

CSRS programs online surveys utilizing industry leading Decipher© Software developed by FocusVision©. This powerful software has a variety of question types and custom screen designs allowing you to engage your respondents. It supports images, audio, and video. It is a fully mobile-optimized software allowing you to reach survey participants anywhere at any given time on the device of their choice

CSRS takes added steps to ensure that unqualified respondents are screened out and duplicate submissions are prevented. CSRS provides timely status reports on the progress of the study and can even provide constantly updated live data reports to our clients via the Web.

To view an example of an online survey, please click on this link.

CSRS’s in-house data processing has over 100 years of combined programming experience. CSRS offers tabulations of data with or without statistical testing. Our use and knowledge of the most sophisticated tabulation packages allow us the flexibility to meet almost any data processing requirement. Your organization has the assurance of quality results because of our extensive knowledge of spec writing (tabulation programming) and our rigorous documentation and record-keeping. Our staff has a sophisticated knowledge of questionnaires and puts forth extraordinary efforts to do your work with accuracy, care, and speed.

CSRS runs all gathered/collected data through an extremely rigid cleaning program which thoroughly checks for three main principles: logic, consistency and permissible data options and/or congruency. All data entry is done in-house at CSRS.

CSRS’s in-house coding department converts verbatim responses, phrases, and ideas from open-ended questions into numeric codes that can be translated into quantitative data. This process organizes and simplifies the many different responses into something that is quantifiable and understandable. CSRS can either code open-ended questions or provide them as verbatims in a format you have specified.

CSRS provides multivariate statistical analysis for marketing segmentation, forecasting, and predicting and explaining behavior.

CSRS has been conducting telephone survey research since 1981 and we pride ourselves on customizing our efforts to address the specific needs of our individual clients and their unique studies. CSRS has an in-house call center and has extensive experience with Consumer and Business-to-Business Telephone Research.

CSRS selects a quality interviewing staff through a rigorous two-step hiring process. Applicants are screened to ensure reading and recording verbatim skills, ability to follow written instructions, and general voice quality. Further screening takes place during CSRS general training, during which each applicant is evaluated based on their ability to grasp and apply newly taught interviewing rules and techniques. Interviewers are only hired if the CSRS Trainer decides the applicant can conduct interviewers up to CSRS’ high standards.

CSRS provides intensive interviewer training prior to the start of each project, and throughout the duration of the project as necessary. CSRS quality control monitoring methodically ensures that interviewers properly conduct interviews, and allows our clients to listen to the interviews either onsite or remotely.

CSRS has extensive experience conducting and processing mail surveys. Our staff knows mail questionnaire layout requirements and will customize your project to meet your needs. Questionnaires can be produced in a wide variety of looks and feels. From one-color printing on basic paper stock, to full color printing on any paper stock or quality, we have extensive experience in designing full color documents in both offset and electronic printing.

Questionnaires can be personalized with name, address, or any other client supplied information, and we prepare personalized cover letters as required. CSRS can also add a unique identification number to connect an individual survey respondent with information previously known about this respondent to track responses over time.

CSRS handles complex sample data files and offers consultation on the numerous ways mail surveys can be executed. We will discuss the implications of using advance or pre-alert letters, reminder postcards, incentive options and multiple waves of mailings with you so you can choose the best option for your organization’s needs.

Over the many years of working with the U.S. Postal Service, CSRS has concrete experience  determining the most cost-efficient way to handle your incoming/outgoing survey postage expenses, and will provide you with practical recommendations about the best method to use.

All mail surveys are returned to our Van Nuys location where we open, check-in, code, input, and provide you with tabulated results.

CSRS offers sample management consultation for business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) surveys.

Projects managed by CSRS benefit from decades of experience and training in market research, including experience stemming from the U.S. Census Bureau and elite Universities. CSRS is often utilized as sampling consultants for academic and corporate research organizations, improving sample selection on thousands of research projects.

Whether you are looking for a sample for a telephone or mail survey or looking for a panel for an online survey, CSRS will work with you to minimize risk and ensure your sample selection is on target.

CSRS has decades of experience assisting clients in the complex area of hard-to-reach sample selection. Depending on the needs of the project, CSRS can obtain targeted listed household samples (race, gender, ethnicity, income, etc.), business samples (industry, sales, number of employees, etc.), address-based sample or wireless sample to maximize efficiency.