Jose S. Loredo

“The California Survey Research Services (CSRS) is an outstanding group of professionals who conduct telephone interviews for the purpose of gathering research data. The California Survey Research Services utilizes the latest computer assisted survey technology and provides culturally competent interviewers. My experience with CSRS has been most gratifying. The personnel at CSRS assisted us from beginning to end in tailoring our telephone surveys with the highest scientific rigor. The quality of the data and their timing in the delivery of the data was outstanding. What is most important was the accessibility to Mr. Ken Gross, president of CSRS, who was of great help in solving problems or making needed changes to the surveys.  Also, the cost of working with CSRS was significantly lower than other similar outfits in the region. I give CSRS my highest recommendation without reservations.”

Jose S. Loredo, MD, MS, MPH
UCSD, School of Medicine