Executive Management

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Each member of the CSRS executive management team has over 20 years of experience providing exceptional Data Collection and Data Processing Services.

Al Noiwangmuang, President

As President, Al is responsible for project development for new and existing clients, for ascertaining the research needs of the clients and developing the most efficient means for executing the project design. Al is a seasoned data processing spec writer, experienced Decipher© Software web programmer. Al is directly involved in projects and utilizes his thorough understanding of the industry to assess project viability as well as assist clients with data processing projects, web surveys, and mail surveys.[anoiwangmuang@calsurvey.com]

Margarita Rodriguez, CEO

As CEO, Margarita leads business growth and strategy. She has in-depth knowledge in data collection and oversees the management of complex telephone interviewing projects. Her experience allows her to appraise the difficulty and feasibility of clients’ requests and work with clients to understand their research goals and objectives. She handles client services regarding proposals, contracts and invoicing of all projects. She is also responsible for Human Resources and all personnel related issues. Prior to being CEO, Margarita established expertise in various departments throughout the organization. Margarita has extensive experience in Spanish language translations and oversees CSRS’s bilingual staff. [mrodriguez@calsurvey.com]