Data Processing Services

CSRS’s in-house data processing has over 100 years of combined programming experience. CSRS offers tabulations of data with or without statistical testing. Our use and knowledge of the most sophisticated tabulation packages allow us the flexibility to meet almost any data processing requirement. Your organization has the assurance of quality results because of our extensive knowledge of spec writing (tabulation programming) and our rigorous documentation and record-keeping. Our staff has a sophisticated knowledge of questionnaires and puts forth extraordinary efforts to do your work with accuracy, care, and speed.

CSRS runs all gathered/collected data through an extremely rigid cleaning program which thoroughly checks for three main principles: logic, consistency and permissible data options and/or congruency. All data entry is done in-house at CSRS.

CSRS’s in-house coding department converts verbatim responses, phrases, and ideas from open-ended questions into numeric codes that can be translated into quantitative data. This process organizes and simplifies the many different responses into something that is quantifiable and understandable. CSRS can either code open-ended questions or provide them as verbatims in a format you have specified.

CSRS provides multivariate statistical analysis for marketing segmentation, forecasting, and predicting and explaining behavior.