Telephone Surveys

CSRS has been conducting telephone survey research since 1981 and we pride ourselves on customizing our efforts to address the specific needs of our individual clients and their unique studies. CSRS has an in-house call center and has extensive experience with Consumer and Business-to-Business Telephone Research.

CSRS selects a quality interviewing staff through a rigorous two-step hiring process. Applicants are screened to ensure reading and recording verbatim skills, ability to follow written instructions, and general voice quality. Further screening takes place during CSRS general training, during which each applicant is evaluated based on their ability to grasp and apply newly taught interviewing rules and techniques. Interviewers are only hired if the CSRS Trainer decides the applicant can conduct interviewers up to CSRS’ high standards.

CSRS provides intensive interviewer training prior to the start of each project, and throughout the duration of the project as necessary. CSRS quality control monitoring methodically ensures that interviewers properly conduct interviews, and allows our clients to listen to the interviews either onsite or remotely.