Online/Web Surveys

Our online survey capabilities combine our quantitative research experience with the latest in online technology. Our in-house web programmers have the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in an online survey, and we use this knowledge to construct and test web-based questionnaires to meet your specifications.

CSRS programs online surveys utilizing industry leading Decipher© Software developed by FocusVision©. This powerful software has a variety of question types and custom screen designs allowing you to engage your respondents. It supports images, audio, and video. It is a fully mobile-optimized software allowing you to reach survey participants anywhere at any given time on the device of their choice

CSRS takes added steps to ensure that unqualified respondents are screened out and duplicate submissions are prevented. CSRS provides timely status reports on the progress of the study and can even provide constantly updated live data reports to our clients via the Web.

To view an example of an online survey, please click on this link.